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It's critical that the media -- and especially the news media -- be reinvented to reflect the interests and needs of the majority of the people. Old ideas, strategies, and alliances need to be evaluated, too. But foremost among the tasks before the Greens and democrats is to develop a more compelling outreach program. In the US, while the corporate lobbyists coopt Christian piety, gay bashing, and fear, a new intensity is needed to uphold the principles of Jefferson, Lincoln, and Paine. The fundamental Enlightenment values of liberty and intellectual freedom are being torn down by a regime of power-lust, cynical men who will wrap themselves in the flag and hide behind a cross while they knowingly betray the interests of the American people. These politicians derive their power by serving corporate paymasters who are quite pleased with this pageantry of patriotism and piety because it has allowed unprecedented control of government by corporate lobbyists. This state of affairs, however, goes almost completely unmentioned in the media bubble created by commercial broadcasting. This is why reform of government must begin with reform of media institutions. The more independent the better.

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