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XML source for cyclone advisories and other weather

It's remarkable that at this late date there are hardly any hits on google for

rss "data source" environmentalism

xml "data source" environmentalism

with a good domain name and a collective filtering effort, we could become a major source for this type of news

The problem with iscreensaver is that it does not yet support Flash MX features, or for that matter anything that requires .SWF version 6 or 7. Almost everything interesting that can be done with Flash is dependent on version 6 or 7. Only animation, audio, and slide shows are possible otherwise. In the future, iscreensaver may be a good option, but the company is waiting for Apple to support MX features, etc., in their Quicktime. I have no idea how long it will take Apple to support MX features in Quicktime. On a more positive note, iscreensaver does have ways to support interactive screen savers, so that is good.

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