New York (ACD) -- New York City's leader and thief, Rudolf Giuliani, has decided to 'crack down' on the homeless (11/20/99). This was precipitated by an incident in which a woman was struck over the head with a brick. According to reports on NY1 news, there is no conclusive evidence that the attacker was a homeless person! So we have a witch hunt being carried out on a pretext, for plainly political purposes. The homeless must agree to be harassed if they want to avoid going to Ryker's Island. Are they to abandon most of their worldly goods so they can be hauled to a homeless facility in a car? So that they can wait in line in the cold for scarce beds in a detention center, not once but each day, only to be turned out of doors at six in the morning? The mayor's brutal homeless policy makes the N.Y.C. cops, some of whom have already demonstrated themselves to be pathological racists, the only psychiatric analysts for this community of displaced people. By criminalizing homelessness, the mayor shows himself to be most insensitive to the problems of the mentally ill. Is this how a civilized society treats people who have noplace to live, who often eat from trash cans and who, in most cases, have little education and few qualifications for employment? Do these people belong in jail? It's time that New Yorkers recognize that jails are a more expensive and shameful social expedient than other more humane options. It's time to send a message to the voters outside of New York City that Rudy Giuliani's cynical practice of blaming the victim cannot be emulated at the level of national policy.
"Art you, Rudy"

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