In response to the inquiry "why don't you like Giuliani?"

It's true that, as far as I know Rudi doesn't openly espouse Nazism, but his policies towards the arts and expressive liberties are close to those of Josef Goebbels and the Nazis. His police are the closest thing to storm troopers that any large city in America can boast, and his race policy towards blacks and latinos has only fallen marginally short of a campaign of extermination. He's more of a corrupt mafioso mixed with latent Nazism, really. (I was wrong to say he's a TOTAL Nazi, if that's how I phrased it. But I still think he's quite close.) I'm thinking of his mean-spirited closure of community centers; the sale and destruction of community gardens; lavish funding of a personal underground Mayor's bunker while at the same time de-funding a residence for the blind; his attempts to criminalize homelessness; his anti-democratic act of preventing a ballot initiative about the west side stadium (a project he so dearly wants to fork over to his real estate buddies); his silent and tacit support of the police who gunned down Amadou Diallo as well as those who sodomized Abner Luima; his administration's doctoring of crime statistics in advance of the last mayoral election (this was reported after the fact as an "accident"); the 21 law suits that he has lost which have demonstrated his contempt for the 1st Amendment; the practice of preventing peaceful demonstration by refusing to issue permits; the conversion of protest and parade management into a boom industry for thousands of cops who would otherwise have little cause to be paid overtime wages; his endorsement of the police department's practice of giving quotas to traffic cops so that they cannot quit for the day without giving out a fixed amount of tickets; his silence when the police have acted over-aggressively toward protestors on numerous occasions; his ill-advised comments about stopping methadone treatments; the scuttling of the public hospitals and school systems, and their imminent conversion into private enterprises which will offer lucrative opportunities for real estate czars... I could go on and on, but suffice it to say: he's a menace.

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