Waiting for Justice
Court rules Shell can be sued for human rights violations in Nigeria

[Mandela] also revealed that the oil company Shell had sent a deputation to see him, but said that he would not give up his campaign for worldwide oil sanctions against Nigeria. "I am not pessimistic. My first attempt with Prime Minister John Major was not as effective as it could be. But I have faced problems before."

"In my view we should use the strongest method to show our disgust and resentment at what he has done. We are dealing with an illegitimate, barbaric, arrogant military dictatorship which has murdered activists, using a kangaroo court and false evidence," he declared.

Mr Mandela has warned Shell to "suspend" its $3.8 billion liquefied natural gas project in Nigeria or face action against Shell in South Africa....

(The Clinton administration has decided against imposing a ban on imports of Nigerian crude oil, the Washington Post said last week, quoting administration officials.)

Source: McGreal, Chris. "More ogonis face hanging." Guardian Weekly, December 3, 1995, p.4.


Percentage of Nigerian Oil Exports (1992):
United States40.5%
European Union 39.5%
United Kingdom 2.3%
  • Oil constitutes 97.6% of Nigerian exports.
Nigerian crude oil production in barrels (1995):
Shell 910,000
Agip 130,000
Chevron 380,000
Elf 95,000
Mobil 310,000
Texaco 60,000

Source: Le Monde, November 13, 1995, p. 2.


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