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Dubya takes time out from playing prez to snort some blow.
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Looking Forward

A year ago when I formed the Bush Sucks Web Ring and Directory, I didn't imagine that it would grow so fast. Thanks to all those who tried to stop the Bush mafia from pillaging our nation's treasures and resources. We failed to keep Bush out of office, but we have started something that can be built upon.


The Bush Sucks directory has grown to encompass hundreds of sites in a short period of time. I would like you to think about possible ways that this network can be adapted in the coming years. The prominence of the "Bush Sucks" sites is due to the fact that people began hearing it and typing it in search engines. But it's a foolish theme moving forward because Bush will be gone soon and we ought to be thinking in terms of online media institutions that have lasting value. You are encouraged to contribute your thoughts on the best ways forward.


Bush Born on Third Base -- Thinks He Hit A Triple

In his first four years, George W. Bush managed to destroy millions of jobs, to alienate most of the world's people, and to declare perpetual war. Just imagine what he'll do now that he has another chance! After all, he's only begun to loot social security, and his band of Likud-loving neo-con zealots have a lot more Muslim nations to invade and conquer. God has told him that he is fighting on the side of Good in a war against the "forces of evil." He's a war president with war on his mind, and We The People should be glad he has anything on his mind at all, because for a man of such minor intellect, it's a real burden to think at all. That explains why he had so many nice things to say about Don Rumsfeld when the public learned that Don had allowed detainees to be killed and tortured under his watch. It also explains why Bush has such regard for Dick Cheney, even though Dick's dealings with Halliburton before and after becoming the Vice President rank right up there with the criminal misdeeds of Enron's "Kenny Boy" Lay. Or why he thinks new-cyoo-ler energy is "clean." It explains why he appointed John Ashcroft attorney general, a man who couldn't win a senate race against a dead opponent, and who has remained unapologetic about his mismanagement despite his failure to fund counter-terrorism efforts in early 2001.

Former Bush advisors like Paul O'Neill and Richard Clarke just don't appreciate the biblical gas that Bush breathes. They are caught up wrestling with facts and problems that Bush is able to ignore because he's just not too damned curious! Weapons inspector Hans Blix doesn't know how to enjoy the Bush administration's intimidations. He says that Bush's drive to war in Iraq was like "the witch hunts of centuries past." Neither does Joseph Wilson, who was sent to investigate the Niger uranium story, and who reported back to Cheney that the story was a hoax. For some reason Joe doesn't like being slandered, and he doesn't have the special appetite for wars of adventure. Weapons inspector Scott Ritter is another one who doesn't appreciate the firm — corrupt and delusional — convictions that moved Bush to declare war on Iraq at the earliest possible convenience. Ritter doesn't like the way Bush and Co. pissed on the truth and conducted a campaign of propaganda that would have made Josef Goebbels green with envy. He just doesn't appreciate the privilege that flows in the veins of a man like Bush, who would have been embarrassed to pull back after amassing troops on the Iraqi border, even though weapons inspectors were being granted access to everything they desired to see. No, there are just some people who can't be pleased with the sort of serial deception and incompetence that Bush's New World Ordure delivers.

What these critics fail to enjoy are the financial rewards that come with being a corporate whore! Cheney's Halliburton has received over $7 billion in contracts from the war in Iraq, many of them without bidding — that's just the way things work inside Bush's beltway. And if your old company happens to be trapped in Enron-like accounting scandal, as happened to Halliburton, it is a great relief that all the Securities and Exchange Commission members are appointed by the President. It's also a great relief that the Supreme Court will help keep the lid on secret meetings between Cheney, Kenneth Lay, and other energy criminals. And don't forget Rumsfeld's corporate contacts. Or Daddy Bush's Carlysle Group of military contractors. They've all made a LOT of money on this war. And since the US doesn't recognize the International Criminal Court, there's just no good reason not to cash in on all that power.

Shoot, you'd get visions of grandeur, too, if your only public appearances were orchestrated so that everyone within earshot is a brain-washed Limbaugh junkie. You'd start to think that you were above the laws of science. Who are fifty Nobel laureate scientists to tell you that a missile defense plan is silly, or that global warming is real? Bush has $250 million in corporate contributions that say his prayers will be answered!

As far as he's concerned, he's never done anything wrong. That's why he couldn't think of a single thing he would have done differently when he was asked at a rare press conference. No, he's faultless and blameless, as far as he's concerned. Although thousands of innocent people have perished in his "war" on terror. Though he oversaw more executions than any other governor, he knows he's never put an innocent man to death while he has been in office. God must have told him that his state was much more trustworthy than others like Illinois, which has abolished its death penalty because of numerous errors that came to light with the use of DNA evidence.

Hell, if you had a cable news network like Fox News that declares your every fart to be a symphony, and another like CNN that rubber stamps most of your official lies, you'd realize that you must be some kind of great man. Add to that an enormous radio network that sings your praises, and you'd see that you were born (again) to be rich, arrogant and insensitive, that He didn't want you to be smart or curious. The whole order of the universe was planned so that you could be a big cheese like your Dad, and anyone who tries to hold you accountable for lies, incompetence, and corruption is just a heretic commoner who doesn't understand noblesse oblige. Those nay-saying evil-doers weren't born on third base.


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