New Media Class, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

HTML Tutorial

Show Me, Mike Smith at University of Brighton UK

More on Jerry Mander

an essay on another of Jerry Mander's books, hailed as quite important
Suggested reading by a visitor to NewMedia

Ideologies of Technology

Wild Nature, Free
Radicals and the Nerve Sell
by Tim Druckrey
Hacking Away at the Counter Culture by Andrew Ross

Media Activism

VidKids Media Literacy Program
Media Activism and Radical Democracy by Jesse Drew

Interface Strategies

T-Vision project

Media History

Web History
Media History Com


PICS: Internet Access Controls Without Censorship by Paul Resnick


Media Education
"School" of the Future by Seymour Papert
VidKids Media Literacy Program


Hypertext fiction hub


Being Digital by Nicholas Negroponte
Radio Lessons for the Internet by Martin Spinelli

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