New Media: Class Discussion

organized by topic

Programming Languages and Information Theory

"A Short Talk With Java The Hut", maX
"Tofu Hotdogs and Internet Infrastructure", maX

Reaction Papers

"Reacting To Ms. Spender", Stephen Scardamalia

Miscellaneous banter and pontification

the rise of a new jazz , Jared Ryan Kane
Wires of new and old, Max Roland Ekstrom
My Latest Way to Waste Time, Stephen Scardamalia
The Future Of Photos, Stephen Scardamalia
Role-Playing Absurdity: A Short & Strange Hypertextual Parable,Simone LaVerne
Process, and the Illusions of Visual Intoxication, Simone LaVerne
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Hypertext, Jack McDonnell

The Microcosm

New Media at Sarah Lawrence: Thoughts on the Future, Jack McDonnell

Digital Effects in Film and Art

Thoughts about an article by Phil Tippett, I Wang

Listening to Music on the Net

The Dark Site of the Moon, Dmitri Kalmar