(not really. This website is my own, and part of the Sarah Lawrence College New Media Project. click to the right This, I think obvously, is not the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. I am simply trying to "make a point.")

for the following crimes:

operating from remote location ("hidden camera" footage supported by fingerprinting evidence suggests possibly a known enemy site known only as "maclab") controlling certain chemical reactions in individual students by way of disruption by ELF (extra-low frequency) waves in order to monitor and control their thoughts, using mind control via a covertly installed cathode ray tube (a particle beam generator) in the interest of wrongful self aquisition (see press release - "stealing cookies from the pub"), inquiring a numerous number of times about an individual known to be an enemy agent, the infamous aka linuxand publishing the following (possibly subversive) documents on the "Information Superhighway."
He is potentially armed and extremely dangerous.
He must be stopped at all costs. Use extreme prejudice (lethal force if necessary, subject is expendible)

(before I forget, Persons who do not have an authorized e-mail address may call JUNO at 1-800-654-5866 to establish an e-mail account free of charge; I just feel this should be broadcast,since it appears to be public domain)