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Website Development Spring 1997, Sarah Lawrence College
Instructor: Andy C. Deck

Text: Jamsa Press, Java Programmer's Library, SLC bookstore
Optional: O'Reilly, Linux in a Nutshell 

In class: Learn what's going on in web site development, learn how to solve 
problems pertaining to web site development, learn how to advance from goals and 
ideas to results that are not drastically curtailed by the limitations of your 
comprehension, learn how to formulate realistic goals. 
Conference: Make unique and compelling web sites that extend and represent your 
skills and predilections. Seek out applications for the web that are valuable to 
Challenge: Undoubtedly the skills you learn can help you find employment, but 
can you locate uses for web techniques that are fulfilling in other ways?  If so, 
the popular hysteria may serve you "spiritually" (intellectually, artistically, 
politically,...) and materially.
Evaluation: You will be judged both by what you produce (web site), and
according to the degree that you master the concepts presented in class.  The 
latter will be judged mostly by the assignments you hand in.  One exam, 
immediately prior to spring break.  Prior experience will be considered.
Creed: Competition, contrary to market ideology, is not always productive: work 
together and help each other.  Communicate with e-mail, and help me maintain links 
and supplementary documentation that will benefit the class.

Week of Jan. 20
Mon. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Wed. Introduction, threats, overview
1) have an e-mail account (see Comp. Lab staff) 
2) send your (preferred) e-mail address info to me via email
3) use telnet (telnet help) 
   to investigate your user account on	 
4) prepare oral report on your given (assigned in class) Unix command and write 1 
   page summary of that command 	 
6) familiarize yourself with a search engine such as
   (read the Help documentation provided at the site to learn about syntax)

Week of Jan. 27
Mon. Unix and HTTPD
Assignment: Log into server and practice using all the commands reviewed
Wed. HTML and Browsers
1) surf the web, of course, and use the "View source" menu item
2) Learn
   html basics and put up a web page in the /home/yourusername/web folder
   using Fetch (FTP help)

Week of Feb. 3
Mon. Intro to CGI (common gateway interface) and client-server methodology
Assignment: read the scripts handed out, execute them on the server, see what they 
do, write 1/2 page description of each
Wed. Variables in scripts
Assignment: Make a CGI script that generates the current date and time as A) text 
and B) HTML
Advanced: Make a CGI script that generates an HTML page with GIF images indicating 
the status of the sun/moon at that given hour
Week of Feb. 10
Mon. CGI and file creation/modification, forms
Assignment: write a CGI script that adds form data to a file on the server
Wed. Advanced uses for CGI
Assignment: write a web based spell checker using CGI and forms

Week of Feb. 17
Mon. 2-D graphics applications, Photoshop
Assignment: compare GIF and JPEG for various image types
Wed. Animation strategies
Assignment: use GIF Builder to make an animation

Week of Feb. 24
Mon. Intro to Java
Assignment: read handouts
Wed. Java syntax, variables
Assignment: write a program that uses the String class

Week of Mar. 3
Mon. Loops and conditions
Assignment: to be announced
Wed. Random numbers, arrays
Assignment: to be announced

Week of Mar. 10
Mon. Review
Wed. Mid-term exam
Week of Mar. 17
Week of Mar. 24
Spring Break - be good

Week of Mar. 31
Mon. AWT (Abstract windowing toolkit), user input
Wed. Loading images

Selected book examples, requests accommodated

Week of May 12
Last week of class