Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have all
known that since we were children. The axiom is Lord Actor's; he was a
famous what is wrong with you people?
it--or if he does, disdains it. How
could it be otherwise? He's not wise enough to understand the idea.
He's a dumb, venal bully, with a big insecure ego--and plenty of
business experience with corruption and the way to achieve power. And
he is surrounded by bigger egos--his attorney general even calls himself
"General Ashcroft"--crazy for power, ruhless, and mean beyond belief.
And all of them, like Bush, are business rich.
Like most bullies, Bush and his regime focus on "small and weak
countries"--that's a quote from the Bush decree on pre-emptive attacks
on people we don't like. In his latest attacks on freedom and respect
for law, he proves the point once again. His administration's attempt
to circumvent this country's environmental laws regarding contamination
of the oceans which surround us is aimed at helping the oil and gas
industry, industrial fishing, and the military. And his attempt to
pressure nations not to use the International Criminal Court is even
The Bushers threaten small and weak nations with loss of US military
assistance if they don't pledge to shield USers from the jurisdiction of
the International Criminal Court. He isn't threatening France, Germany,
Britain, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, and the other
members of NATO or the European Union, not Japan or Australia; they are
exempt from the threat. So what the Bushers are doing is creating a
mock-alliance with Rumania (it wants into NATO, and the US has simply
blackmailed Rumanioa into signing on to protect USers from prosecution)
and other little nations that might want USer help in buying guns and
learning how to use them.
Of course, all these pledges--if the Bush regime gets any beyond
Rumania's--will be worthless. Nobody has a moral obligation to keep
pledges made under duress. And Bush has already demonstrated
that--according to his rules--treaty agreements can be cancelled easily
enough. He unilaterally cancelled the ABM treaty with Russia, and
nobody objected--including the US congress, which had ratified the ABM
treaty. So why can't the Rumanians or anybody else who signs on do the
I wish that the US really were a country "under God"--that we could
indeed trust in God--so that Gog could stop these outrages. The people
of the US don't have enough integrity or self-respect or courage to stop
the Bush regime's destructive policies.